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To ensure customer delight through quality of our products, timely deliveries, efficient client servicing, fair dealings, guaranteeing performance to the end user in terms of function, life cycle, price competitiveness and safety.

Quality Objectives:

To be a customer driven organization which is focused, agile and innovative.

To train, motivate and provide growth oriented environment to our employees, encouraging creativity & team work to achieve peak performance.

We have competent individuals synergizing our proactive new product & services development efforts.

To align the manufacturing products  facilities in compliance with relevant to Occupational health, safety and environment with hygienic standards taking full care of environment and social concerns.

To benchmark our energy conservation efforts with industry leaders, reduce our optimal carbon footprint and reuse maximum waste heat & waste water.

To make our production facilities and process are fully integrated allowing us control over various fabric attributes and track the entire production process to minute job order details right from the inputs like dyestuff & chemicals, color fastness, strength, consistency and all pre defined parameters of our customers and realize efficiency of scales and quality at each stage of manufacturing process.

To follow Kiazen and have regular internal audits for our designing, production and delivery procedures and control them with tracking and identification parameters with customized ERP & MIS systems.

Low Cost:

We aspire to be a true market leader in terry textile production in terms of cost, quality and giving back to our planet. We hope to create an unbelievable value for our customers through our manufacturing efforts.

Inspection & Testing:

We stress highly on quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, we have a strong foundation of quality control and assurance systems that enable us to maintain the desired output throughout the entire manufacturing processes.

At every process, we have several quality agents inspecting the production processes and ensuring 100% quality. These agents perform tests on products with regard to absorbency, feel, before and after wash appearance, strength, shrinkage etc.

We absolutely committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of visitors to our web site. We will not sell, rent or trade your personal information under any circumstances.

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